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Backup, backup, backup!!

The question is not if your HD will fail, the question is just when?


Photowalking is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things you may find interesting.

Walkabout #1: San Jose, California

Downtown San Jose doesn’t really have a reputation for being overly ‘exciting’ … but I guess it always depends on what you are looking for?

James Nachtwey – War Photographer

The other night I zapped around my 5 gazillion satellite TV channels when I saw something interesting on the Documentary Channel: they were showing a documentary called “War Photographer”.I was in a pretty upbeat mood (it was a good day after all), so I wasn’t sure if I was up for a rather tough topic […]

Byodo-In Temple, Valley of the Temples, Oahu, Hawaii

Here are some more infrared shots that I took during a Hawaii vacation last year. All photos on this page are Infra-Red black & white shots taken with my modified Canon D-60. These photos were taken at the Byodo-In Temple in the Valley of the Temples on the island of Oahu. The temple is located […]

Bodie National Park

I don’t know how it was for you guys, but the first time is really the hardest, isn’t it? No, I’m of course not talking about ‘that’ …. I’m talking about your first blog post on your first blog ever. After figuring out all the technicalities of setting up the blog, finding the right look […]

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